When choosing a copywriter you must remember the words of the immortal marketing legend Jay Abraham…

There are three (and only three) ways to increase revenue in any business.

1, get more customers
2, increase the money made for each transaction
3, complete more transactions with your existing customers

So obviously true yet profound because so few people think about it being this simple!

But of course, the devil is in the details… How exactly do you accomplish these goals?

The RAW truth about business is…

“Without the right sales message, articulated in a persuasive fashion,
these goals (or any others) will NOT be met!”

It doesn’t matter how good your product is…

If the prospect doesn’t “get it” and feel they MUST have your product/service on a gut level; they simply won’t buy at numbers significant enough to make your marketing successful!

In other words; the word that construct your sales message are everything!!!

Remember, the prospect has a conversation already in progress in their head
about your product; your copy must enter that conversation right where they
are… in stride and seamlessly.

This type of persuasive copywriting artistically unfolds into a compelling
process where every paragraph is more exciting than the last; as if gravity
is compelling the reader down a slippery slide and gains more and
more momentum once started down it.

This process “shakes” the reader powerfully and emotionally and moves them
to consciously (or unconsciously) draw opinions about your product in the form of images, feelings and facts that ultimately plays a decisive role in them making a buying decision, including:

1, Creating the trust and rapport required to support the sale
2, Creating the emotional excitement and desire to take action
3, Building a strong and logical “reason why” to buy
4, Trigger other strong emotions that draw and attract the reader to buy

In the words of what could be the greatest marketing genus that ever lived, Claude Hopkins…

“People buy on emotion, and justify the purchase with logic”

Even copywriters with talent rarely put in the time to research and drill down into your market so to understand your prospect on a visceral level and then use that understanding to empathize with their pain, fears and dreams, when compelling them to take action.

As you might imagine this critical step is often the “lynch-pin” that taps into the inner emotions of the prospect and when artfully used will “trigger” them to buy.

Hi, my name is Sam peters….I only write copy, create strategy and implement tactics that lead to a sale!

Which is to say, I don’t write generalized web content, e-books, articles SEO content etc.Â… If that’s what you need, please find another writer.

Everything I write directly or indirectly is strategically thought through and used to build trust, create desire, provide proof and ultimately trigger your visitor or prospect to become your customer… And preferably your loyal and raving fan!

This sales copy is fantastically effective (which I plan to prove to you) when generating leads, moving a visitor to the next step in the sales process, increasing the size of your transaction through upsells or getting your existing customers to come back to purchase more often.

Do you need your sales process to work predictably and profitably?

If the answer is yes;

You must have a copywriter that understands your prospect and talks his/her language in emotional terms. Then and only then, can compelling and persuasive copy that consistently and predictably move
your prospects to action…

Unlike the majority of copywriters, I spend as much time as necessary researching your market, your product positioning and the psyche of your prospects; then I do actually writing the copy.

In other words, I roll up my sleeves and do the hard work required to get you the best possible results for you; that most are unwilling to do.

Anyone with a ninth grade education can write some words that sound like a reasonably good sales pitch…

But there’s a devil in the detail… You must match your sales message with the way your prospects are most likely to relate to it otherwise you have something I call…

“Message mismatch” which can get your prospect interested but simply doesn’t generate the emotional power required to drive the sale.

I take pride in making sure I get this right….

If you’re looking for maximum value and leverage from your sales copy…

I’m your man!

Simply put, you’ll find no one with more expertise or experience to tap into and
persuade your prospect to do business with you, in the way it is necessary in
today’s tough and competitive business environment.

Contact me today, HERE… and we’ll get started!

To your success,
Sam Peters

PS – as a consequence of working on your copy it’s likely that we could improve your overall sales process.

In fact, I’ve been involved with seven online processes over the last 5 years (either in a capacity of developing the entire sales funnel or writing copy) where revenue was generated from zero dollars to over $1 million per month in revenue…

In other words, I have experience and expertise in how to develop, refine and optimize online processes that work and I can help you do the same thing.

Contact me today, HERE